With the increase in demand for body modification, the love for piercing seems to be on rise. Do you know 72% of all females domiciled in the US practice body piercing? While it is said to be one of the most affordable types of body art, it is also a very effective form of self-expression. For those who love to stay updated with fashion trends, it is the answer to all your needs.

It has been adorned by people for decades. From those feminine summer belly ring trends to the hardcore styles of rock and emo, there is a lot in between to try. In fact, with such a vast amount of piercing choices, it can be really confusing for you to figure out what to get and what to leave. Though the trend seems to be changing every now and then, it is worth observing that every year brings forth some classy and voguish styles which make you yearn for them.

If you are also in search of trendy and classy piercing options, here is a list which can help you.

1. The septum piercing trend

The credit goes to superstars like Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz who made this piercing style more popular among their fans across the globe. Now it is highly prevalent in the mass culture and mostly millennial group follows this style. It is gracefully accepted as the trend of the decade. While the septum sits at the tip of your nose, the perforation is made through the ligament which separates your nostrils.

2.The daith and the rook piercing trend

When it comes to piercing type, nothing can beat the popularity of ear piercings. It has been practiced since ages and with time a lot innovations have been added to the list. Among them, there are two piercing trends which are extremely voguish. These are comparable as they are situated almost in a similar zone of the body, i.e. the deepest bends of your ear. While the former is done at the curvy part which shuts the earhole, the latter will be situated right over the daith. As both the spots are at ligament folds, they will be painful too.

3. The industrial piercing trend

If you are hearing of it for the first time, chances are you know the same by other common names like “bar” or “scaffold” piercing. These days it has turned out to be extremely mainstream and is a distinctive form of body piercing. When you need an edgier look, you can go for this one. However, you need to one thing- it is terribly painful. Yes, if you are someone with lower threshold, you might look for other options. As it penetrates over the ligament of the upper ear utilizing a bar and there will be two openings at the same time, it will be more painful.

4. The tragus piercing trend

Next in the list is tragus piercing which isn’t curvy in nature. As far as the piercing spot is concerned, it is the piece of your ear which covers the ear hole inside. Being milder one when compared to other form of piercings, it can be a good choice if you fear for pain too much.

5. The labret piercing trend

For those who wish to invest in a body piercing type which is more visible, labret is a right choice. Simply, it is a type of adornment which will be attached to the lip. Usually, it is referred to make a piercing below the bottom lip and above the chin. And then you have a good number of choices of jewelry including studs, rings, etc. Also the pain during the piercing is said to be bearable.

6. The snug piercing trend

Referred to as a flat puncture which is made through the internal edge of the ear ligament, it is situated right over the counter tragus. Your piercer can change the place of the aperture as it varies from person to person. The only problem with this form is that it requires extra aftercare. Do you know a snug penetrating can take up to a half year to recuperate? Yes, it will depend greatly on the thickness of the ligament tissue and the care offered.

7. The anti-eyebrow piercing trend

Another type of facial piercing which is getting attention because of the way it directs attention to the face. Basically, it is done below the eyebrow and above the cheek bone, in order to enhance the beauty of cheeks. Now it can be done in horizontal and vertical directions, depending on your personal preferences. While this form of piercing is achieved by using a surface bar, in some cases people have been successful getting it with a curved barbell. Some of the common names include teardrop piercing and high cheek piercing.

Most of them have taken the world by storm. Getting any of them done will definitely turn you into talk of the town instantly. With this, you also need to understand that everything has its highs and lows. And this is true in case of body piercings too.

When it comes to piercing and wearing body jewelry, people consider the one side of this process. Certainly, it helps you getting people’s attention and you get a chance to express your persona. But with this there are several risks which cannot be ignored.

What are the risks of body piercing?

If the piercing studio you choose make use of a piercing “gun” to do body piercings, just leave it right there. You need to know that piercing guns cannot be sterilized. Hence, these cannot be used if you want a safer solution. Another cause of problems arises when you are using the wrong kind of jewelry for the area pierced. What if the jewelry is too large? You might end up cutting off the blood supply to the tissue. This will lead to swelling and pain. Then there are chances of bacteria getting into the puncture of the piercing if it is exposed to water bodies like pools and beaches.

As far as the most serious risks are concerned, the list includes allergic reactions, infections, bleeding, and damage to nerves or teeth. While the infections can occur due to hepatitis, HIV, bacteria, tetanus, and yeast, reactions can be due to some form of metal allergy. There can be many reasons for your piercing to get infected. For instance, if the piercer doesn’t washes his/her hands or doesn’t put on gloves or works with unsterilized equipment, he is posing threat to your skin. There are chances for you to get and/or spread some serious infection such as Hepatitis B or C, if the piercing equipment was not sterilized properly.

Additional tip:

For those who fret for the piercing pain, you can simple switch to a numbing cream and make the process painless. Use of Dr. Numb, a lidocaine based solution, can help desensitizing the skin for several hours. As it works by blocking the pain signals, it will simplify the procedure and will keep you away from the discomfort.  This means, now you can go for any form of body piercing without thinking much of the suffering. Place your orders in advance.