“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

― Thomas Merton

Truly said! And if you are an art lover, chances are you are quite fanaticism with the idea of getting tattooed. Being the most loved form of body modification, tattooing is an ancient practice. Do you know the earliest known examples were for a long time Egyptian, dated to c. 2000 B.C.? In fact, after some more recent discovery this date has been pushed back a further thousand years. It is now known to be dated at around 5,200 years old.

What surprises more is that even after so many decades the love for tattoos hasn’t faded at all. Instead it seems to be growing with passage of time. Whether it is for love of art or just that you want to express your feelings, tattooing can be a good choice. Among all the other form of tattoos, if you wish to go for something classy and unique, consider wrist tattoos. It has been fascinating both men and women. Some of the major reasons why these attract people are that they are small, well positioned, and beautiful.
Now the next big task is picking the right design. Deciding on this can be a quite challenging if you are a newbie.

To make it simple for you, here are some classic wrist tattoo ideas which serve to be a great place to start. Have a look:

1. Heart tattoos:

Are you in love? Or you are already in relationship for many years now? Whatever the case, heart tattoos can help you keep the spark forever. Heart tattoos serves to be a timeless tattoo idea which can be adorned by both men and women. You can ask you artist to create something more voguish by adding some other symbol, maybe an arrow or a key.

2. Butterfly tattoos:

Another ideal option would be choosing some adorable creatures like lady bugs and butterflies. These have been popular for quite a long time. While these creatures are tiny, they are cute enough to add more to your style.

3. Dandelion tattoo:

Though there is no huge reason to choose dandelion tattoos, still they make a good option. You can combine them with scattered seeds and flying doves, making it an adorable design without thinking of a deeper meaning.

4. Flying Doves:

Having a significant meaning attached with them, dove tattoos are one of the best tattoos for your wrist. There is a plenty of choice, either you can even go with dove silhouettes which are simply dainty and adorable, or a clean design which will never feel outdated.

5. Rose tattoos:

These hold a special place in the world of tattooing. Rose tattoos have been there since ages and are loved more by women. And the best thing is you can get them varying sizes, colors, styles, etc. If you wish to have a more surreal look, you can get in black and white shades. However, for realistic choice you can go for colors, in stem less or as a full bouquet.

6. Charm Bracelets:

Another cool idea would be giving your wrist some permanent arm candy. How? It is possible with a tattoo bracelet. In this case, your design can include several layered bands and any charms, as per your choice.

7. World Map:

Love to travel? While travel-oriented designs such as waves, ships, and skylines are always in demand, to stand out of the crowd you can go for world map. Yes, show off your wanderlust with a world map outline.

8. Small Quote:

When you don’t want to go for anything symbolic, you can get a meaningful quote. Yes, marking your wrist with an inspirational quote will serve as the perfect daily reminder to cherish and keep going.

9. Dainty flower:

If you don’t like roses too much, there are some other flower options for you. You can pick any of your favorite flowers and get them inked to brighten your everyday. To add more, you can get a name or message written in an elegant script along.

10. Handwritten Script:

Why only a quote from someone else, you can get your own, personal message written in a classy font. This unique penmanship can be a lovely alternative for tatting.

11. Arrows:

When you need a simple idea, you can prefer arrows. Well known for their simplicity these represent different meanings. So if you have plans for inking your body, this minimalist design idea can be combined with some other symbols.

12. Nature tattoos:

If flowers are not appealing you, there are many other nature based tattoos which can be given a though. While some of them appear to be quite feminine choice, other serves to be a romantic addition. You can go for sprigs of rosemary, olive branches, or pine trees.

So these were some timeless designs which can be chosen. Of course, you can combine more ideas with help of your tattoo artist to come out with a unique piece of art. Besides, there are some other essential points before you get your wrist tattooed.

What to know before getting a wrist tattoo?

Here are listed few things to consider beforehand:

Be careful:

Not only the design but every decision you make while getting your wrist tattooed, will impact the end result. You have to be very careful with everything. For instance, when choosing a tattoo artist, you must ensure that he is licensed and skilled enough to handle your needs. Similarly, for the placement of your tattoos, checkout with him which could be the best spot.

Be sure:

In case, you are not so sure about getting a wrist tattoo, it is advised to wait. While these tattoos are painful pleasures, these are expensive and permanent. Hence, if you have even the slightest doubt wait until you are convinced about what you are going to do. Else you would end up in a situation where you need to remove it or dealing with regret of getting the same.

Be prepared:

As the process makes use of a needle to inject ink, it is going to be painful. Experts believe that tattoos placed over bones, tendons, and body parts with a little padding, are the most painful. So your wrist area is quite sensitive area and for this you must prepare for discomfort in advance. How? It is possible with the help of a numbing cream like Dr. Numb. Being a lidocaine based cream it can easily numb your skin for three to four hours. Hence, you can get inked without any pain.

Be flexible:

Remember, the body art needs to be beautiful and meaningful. It doesn’t need to be something which you just liked anyway. Hence, even if you have pre- assumed a design, be little flexible with it. Let your artist pour in his creativity and bring the best out of it.
Getting wrist tattoos is awesome. However, you have to be very careful and pay attention to every aspect. After all, tattoos are forever and you want them to be perfect. Isn’t it?