Let’s admit it. Most of us have the utmost faith in professionals, whether it’s a doctor or a tattoo artist. We are less likely to ask questions believing that we are in the safe hands. Right?

While tattoo artists are professionals, their work is not immune to the mistakes. Sometimes they fail to create the design what exactly a client wants. Sometimes they are disappointing. Even it’s challenging for a good tattoo artist to deliver an awesome tattoo all the times.

Bottom Line: Let them know what you want and make sure they don’t lose the track throughout the process. And watch out if they are making the mistakes given below.

Mistakes Tattoo Artist Make That Can Ruin Your Tattoo

Incorrect Spellings:

Generally, errors in spellings don’t occur just because a person is being careless; they occur because they are focused on their writing at a much higher level than the order letters in a word. And tattoo artist is no exception. They are so immersed in their art that they aren’t watchful for the spellings. Then, there are some similar sounding words. Common spelling mistakes in tattoos are its and its, your and you’re, there, there, and their.

And most people feel pride (including ourselves) when it comes to picking fault with the spellings, no matter if it’s a tweet or a tattoo.

So, carefully pick the words and give your artist in written form to avoid the spelling mistake. And this experience says it all…

 “ok so yesterday i went in and got a scripture tattooed on my left side on my ribs. it includes the word “mutitude” and the guy made the “l” a “f” since the script is parchment and the two letters look similar.

He said to come back in 2 weeks when it should be healed (does that sound right?)
and that he will fix it by making shadow markings with white (first he said grey) on some letters including the “f” so it will cover the slash.
he felt incredibly bad! and of course this will be free…

my question is, will this work out right??? any other suggestions on how to cover this little mistake???? i have a pic if you need to see but idk, im trying not to cry about it cuz i have faith this will work :confused:”

Not Applying Numbing Cream:

Some tattoos cause mild pain and discomfort. Some tattoos will test your pain threshold. But one thing is for sure—pain is always involved in tattooing, no matter at what degree it comes. No wonder why many tattoo artists apply numbing cream or ask their clients to do so before tattooing. A numbing cream or a topical anesthetic dulls the skin patch so that you don’t feel pain or sensation during the process. It keeps the skin numbed for a couple of hours.

With a weak pain threshold and without numbing cream, you are likely to end up with the experience given below…

 “Did it hurt? ofc (sic) anyone saying it don’t is either high or playing some kind of macho game, the best way i can personally describe is the lines kinda (sic) feels like being cut with a knife while the shading(filling) are more in the area of a skin scrape that you get from tripping on your bike or something like that”

Not Delivering as You Expect:

This is one of the most common mistakes from the end of a tattoo artist. For example, a tattoo design doesn’t look exactly what you thought of. This “mistake” is accepted part of this business as they may not deliver to your imagination all the time.

This is how this Redditor’s story goes on in this context…

“It’s large, taking up most of my forearm. I completely relate to the ceaseless panic attack’s over having a terrible tattoo on your body. I too want to keep it covered forever, which will be difficult in the summer.

Just yesterday I had my first laser removal treatment done. I will say, having started the removal process is making me feel better. Instead of “holy shit I’m going to have this thing forever” I can say to myself “take a breath, it sucks now but in 2-3 years it could be gone.” I have to accept that the laser treatment may not get rid of the tattoo completely but for me it’s worth trying because the idea of living with this tattoo for the rest of my life is unbearable.”

Another Tattoo Horror Story

“But it was dreadful – it looked nothing like it was supposed to. The more I looked at it the more devastated I felt. It was terrible – truly shocking.”


Make Sure to Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

A professional and experienced tattoo artist stay focused and determined to deliver best to their clients. Getting a tattoo from inexperienced and shady tattoo artist is just risky.

Therefore make sure to choose the right tattoo artist. Here’s how…

Know What You Want:

First of all, make sure to know your preferences. Make sure to research the design you are looking for. You can use the Internet or talk to your friend or artist. Whatever you choose, make sure it goes well with your tastes. It costs you nothing to discuss your chosen design with the artist. It will let you know if they can skillfully execute it. Besides, a tattoo artist will be focused on the design knowing that how much passionate you are about it.

Check the Portfolio of Your Tattoo Artist:

How to tell if a certain tattoo artist is good? How to know if he can live up to your expectations? Don’t worry if you are not a clairvoyant here.

There are many ways to find out if he is really good.  Visit their website or social media pages as they are supposed to upload their work over there. Besides, you can meet them in person to explore their portfolio.

Know What People are Saying About Them:

Another way to get an idea about their efficiency! You can find customer testimonials about them on their social media pages, websites and independent review website. You can contact some of their past clients to know about the quality of their work. “Word of mouth” has always been a tested and tried feedback system.

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Do They Work in Hygienic Environment?

Make sure they practice in a hygienic environment. This is really important as contaminated tattoo equipment like needle or ink can make you vulnerable to infection and other health conditions. They should change the needle after tattooing. Don’t opt for the artists who dip the needles into a large container instead of keeping it in a disposable container. Besides, they should have a sterile spreader to apply ointment rather than doing it with bare fingers.

What do you think? Do you have any tattoo regret to share? All you need to drop your comments in the box given below.