If you wish to get a tattoo which is more visible, your neck can be a perfect spot. Being one of the most visible parts of body, it will serve your purpose quite well. Even if you are wearing a shirt or t-shirt, you can expose your ink to flaunt yours style wherever you go. For this reason both men and women love to have tattoos on their neck.
Undoubtedly, tattoos on neck are very noticeable and these appear to be very cool and attractive. But before you go for this form of body modification, you must be aware of the ins and outs of the process. Though tattooing is become more common, yet when it is about neck tattoos you have to be little more careful. As this area of the body can be more difficult to cover up or hide, you have to be wise enough to choose a tattoo which fits your personality. It has to be something that you can adorn forever, and are completely comfortable showing to the world. To ensure this, you must follow some necessary steps which will help you determine what type of neck tattoo makes the right statement for you.
What to consider before getting neck tattoos?

Here are listen 5 major things to consider before getting your neck tattooed. Have a look:

1. Tattoo Artists:

You cannot just let anyone handle your skin, right? Once you have determined to have a neck tattoo, it’s time to look for a talented and experienced artist. Only a professional with sound knowledge and skills can perform the tattooing process ideally. You can ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Or you can search for them online. Don’t forget to check their previous work and ask their previous customers’ reviews.

2. Tattoo Size:

This one is often missed out, but it is worth spending some time looking in the mirror and realizing how large tattoo you can wear on your neck. There are some people who love to get tattoos around the entire neck, creating sort of like a choker in the middle. Then there are some who prefer small tattoos on the side. You can also go for mid-sized tattoos, placing them right in the center of the neck which appears subtle, cute, and classy. If you are not so sure of how it will appear, go for a smaller sized tattoo. When created by a skillful artist, even a smaller one will draw more attention and make a bolder statement.

3. Tattoo Coloring:

Want to have a tattoo which is more subtle? Or you just don’t want to go with the traditional black and white tattoo? Nowadays people prefer to experiment with something bold and you can consider coloring your tattoo the way you want. You can sit down with your artists to decide which color would work best for your skin type.

4. Tattoo Pain:

You already know that having a tattoo is painful. As now you are getting it on your neck, which is quite sensitive part, it will hurt you more. Especially, if you are someone with lower threshold, it can be more challenging. To combat the tattoo pain you can trust Dr. Numb. It consists of 5% lidocaine, a numbing agent which works by blocking the pain signals. So when you apply this cream t your neck, it will desensitize the skin surface for several hours. This means, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the process.

5. Tattoo Designs:

It is certainly a big challenge to choose the right design for your beck. Determining color and size preferences will certainly help narrow down the selections. But still you have to invest some time in searching a great design. To cut down on your efforts, here is a list of some of the most beautiful neck tattoos which can make a top notch choice for you. Checkout!</h3

Neck tattoo ideas to get inked right away!

1. Chinese Designs:

This type of tattoos holds a special place in the world of tattooing. Go for the one in black and red color which will be beautiful in its own way.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

2. Stars:

This might appear to be a simple design, yet is classy. And there is no big commitment with just a few simple stars. People prefer putting them behind the ear.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

3. The Fiery Heart:

For those who prefer larger tattoo design, this one solves that is not only big but fiery. If you are looking for something more original, go for bright colors.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

4. The Dove:

If you want another example of the neck tattoo which can be placed gracefully behind the neck, try this dove. It looks so pretty and elegant that you will find hard to resist this choice.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

5. Multiple Images:

Why go for a single image when you can have multiple of them inked? You have plenty of choices in terms of images and places, which you can get them all over the neck.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

6. The Choker:

It is gorgeous design which appears similar to a choker necklace. The perfect place to get it placed is on the back of the neck.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

7. Floral Designs:

Another tattoo which is large in size but is very beautifully designed. The subtle coloring attracts the viewer.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

8. Full Neck Tattoos:

Yearning for a tattoo design which covers your neck entirely? This one will extend to some part of your shoulders and chest too.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

9. Snowflakes:

For those who love the winter weather and snowflakes, this may be what you’re looking for.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

10. Tree with Birds:

When you want a tattoo which travels up the neck and back, this one is quite interesting. You will love how the birds are flying up the back to your neck.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

11. Dreamcatcher:

The details of this tattoo are intrinsic, which makes this dreamcatcher turn into a very eye-catching artwork.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

12. Swirling Florals:

Certainly a beautiful one and a large tattoo this one falls down from the neck, heading towards the back. Your search for a big tattoo comes to an end here.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

13. Initials:

There is no one more important that yourself. Why not get your initial inked? Alternatively, you can also get the same for a loved one.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

14. A Map:

Nothing could be more unique than this design which comprises of a map on the back of the neck. You can choose your favorite city or country to get tattooed.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo


15. A Message:

If you are very fond of customization, you will love the idea to have a message inked over. Just you need to find out something which is special to you and you can ask your artist to ink the same beautifully.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

Origami Art:

If you desire for making a large statement, such an idea will be helpful. It is very original and classy.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

The Maiden Voyage:

You can go for this fun and colorful tattoo ship design. As it fits right on the side of the neck, it let you express your feelings in true sense.

Image Source: www.inkme.tattoo

Which one will you prefer?