If you landed here looking for the a0;nswer to –what is numbing cream, there can be two reasons;

  • You need relief from the current pain
  • You want to temporarily numb your skin because you are anticipating future pain.

Pain and numbing cream have an inevitable connection. As far as the common usage is concerned, these topical anesthetic creams are used to offer temporarily relief from pain by making your skin numb. The reason of pain can vary from person to person. It can be due to some skin issues like:

  • Dermatitis: It is the resultant of skin’s inflammation after it gets in contact with a substance which leads to irritation or some allergic reaction.
  • Sunburn: In this case, your skin gets burned due to overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.
  • Skin injury: This happened when your skin gets injured but it is not penetrated to the point that blood appears.

Besides, it is useful for making number of dermal process painless. These will be discussed at the end of the article. Keep reading.

How Do These Numbing Creams Make Your Skin Numb?

There is no dearth of numbing creams in the market, Dr. Numb is one of them. However, what make one more effective than other is presence of numbing agent in them. If it is about most popular and efficient numbing agent, it is none other than lidocaine. You can choose a reliable product with the active ingredients in 4-5% concentration. Products having 5% of lidocine are found to work very effectively in preventing pain for three to four hours.

Basically, these creams work by blocking the pain signal sent by the nerve endings. This means, when applied to the affected area, it leads to generation of a feeling of numbness after some time. Your skin becomes desensitized for several hours. But this is possible if you are applying numbing cream as per the stated, correct instructions.

How To Apply A Numbing Cream?

For using a lidocaine based solution, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Wash your skin warm water and soap to open up the pores and make the area soft. Use a soft towel to pat it dry.
  2. Start applying a thick layer of the numbing and rub it gently into the target area. Let the first application sit for a while and then apply another thick layer of cream.
  3. In order to prevent the cream from drying off, you can cover the area with a plastic film. As this film will seal the heat inside, it will facilitate better absorption of the cream.
  4. Now be patient and wait for the anesthesia to work. It can take around 45 minutes for your skin to become completely numb.
  5. Ensure that the skin is fully numbed and then you can remove the plastic film.
  6. Lastly, wipe off the excess cream and you are all set.

When you follow these instructions, you can expect optimum effect of numbness on the skin area where you applied the cream. And the results can last for few hours.

As it prevents nerve from transmitting pain signals to the brain, it is highly useful to keep discomfort at bay. When it comes to the benefits, these are so powerful that you can undergo number of painful procedures without worrying much.

What Are The Uses Of Numbing Cream?

While the list of benefits or uses can be really long, here are listed some major ones. Checkout:

1. Tattoo:

With tattooing gaining popularity with each passing day, there is no deny to the fact that they hurt. Though the level of pain can vary, depending on certain external factors, like placement, size of tattoo, and much more, yet you are prone to suffer with tattooing. Thankfully, numbing creams serves to be an option to relieve you from tattoo pain. It is applied before the commencement of the tattooing process. As it blocks the pain signals, you will not feel any discomfort during the process.

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2. Tattoo Removal:

As stated above, there is a rise in number of people getting tattooed. In the similar way, there is also increase in number of people who regret their decision late in life. Those dealing with tattoo regret then look forward to removal options. Among all the options available for tattoo removal, laser process is highly effective. Now one of the most frequent concerns of laser tattoo removal patients is –will it pain? Although these people have previously experienced the pain during tattooing, yet they fear more for suffering. The good thing is that you can make laser tattoo removal painless. It is possible with numbing cream. Its application will block the sensation produced by laser beams from reaching your brain. So you won’t feel any pain.

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3. Piercing:

There are various piercing styles you can follow without thinking but do you dread for getting your ear or nose pierced? If yes, then numbing your skin is a down to earth, safe method for you. While it will help you keep distance from pain, it will let you piercer work nicely. Hence, to make piercing a less complex and less agonizing try lidocaine cream. These have been advised and recommended by professionals. Generally, these are used for bigger areas like the navel or the neck. But you can use it for piercing anywhere across the body, aside from within the mouth.

4. Botox:

With more than 11 million Americans  investing hundreds of dollars per Botox session, it is surprising how people choose to undergo needle pain. It is all due to the fact that youthful appearance matters a lot. In this case, a licensed provider will be injecting a drug into your facial muscles. This will further temporarily paralyze your facial movement and erase existing wrinkles. Application of a numbing cream before getting injected can help you a lot.

Microneedling: Fed up skin problems like acne, scars, or wrinkles? Microneedling has your answer. And why only treating the skin problems but also to maintain a youthful appearance, this procedure can be trusted. So if you don’t want to undergo those drastic cosmetic face-lifts, microneedling can be a good option. As this process makes use of device which consists of tiny, microneedles, which run across your face, it will be painful. Don’t forget to apply a lidocaine based cream beforehand.

5. Permanent Makeup:

Defined as a technique to define the eyebrows and lip, the process is carried out by using pigments. It is a blessing for those who lack or have lost their eyebrows and lip definition, due to one or the other factor. Though it is not a surgery, yet this micro-pigmentation cosmetic technique make use of blade to draw and define the facial features. Later the ink of your choice is inserted to fill in the space. As it makes superficial cuts on your skin, it is related to a certain level of pain. It is here when you can use a topical anesthetic to turn the process pain-free.

6. Waxing:

No one like those unwanted body hair. Waxing is one of the most common methods to get rid of them. The process involves the application of hot wax to the skin. As this sticks to the skin slightly, the hairs are pulled out of the roots with the help of waxing strips. And this causes pain. Despite of being a common procedure not everyone can bear the pain of waxing. If you are someone with lower pain threshold, numbing cream has your answer.

So these were some major uses of numbing cream. The list also includes various other procedures like mole removal, derma rolling, electrolysis, minor surgeries, and much more.

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