Are you fond of travelling?

For people who travel a lot, the next adventure is always in their list. For some it can be something that involves hopping on a plane, for other times it has to be meaningful and more permanent. If you are in the latter category, you will love the idea of getting inked with some wonderful ‘travel’ tattoos.

While the help of a good tattoo artist fuel your wanderlust, it can be a perfect way to commemorate the experiences you’ve already had. Not much convinced?

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Need to Know Why You Should Go For Wanderlust Tattoos?

Here are some solid reasons which will make you think over the idea and get it implement at the earliest.


So far you might have been using accessories and attires to make a statement while you travel. The problem here is that these are temporary and you have to update them from time to time. On the contrary, getting any of the below mentioned tattoos can be used as a statement which will be there forever. Having these markings on your body gives a brief of your feelings and beliefs to the world.

Mark Your Milestones:

People often use tattoos to mark their happy occasions such as weddings and childbirth. For the travelers, this is another good reason to have a tattoo. For instance, if you are traveling to your dream destination, get the date or the name of the place inked. It will always make you happy and proud for achieving that goal which you were planning from years. Alternatively, you can also choose to get inked some destinations which have been there in the list for long. It will inspire you to plan for the same at the earliest.

Symbol Of Luck:

If you have grown up believing in superstition or you have been just exposed to superstition, then you have another reason to get tattooed. There are some particular tattoo designs which are believed to ward off evil and enhance good fortune. While you can attract good fortune with them, you will feel safe wherever you travel.

In short, wanderlust tattoos are superb idea. What next?

Tattoo Design Ideas for Travel Lovers

Need some classy and timeless ideas? Don’t worry, the list is right here.

1. The World Map:

There is nothing beautiful than the world we live in. And this thought can be transformed beautifully into a tattoo when you get inked with a map of the entire world. Nothing much to do, just get an outline ready and you are good to go.

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2. A Stamp On Your Passport:

For the true travelers the idea to get inked with a passport stamp is something more than creative, isn’t it? This can be a unique way to remember your travels, meanwhile adding a new style to your pocked.

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3. A Traditional Compass:

This classic symbol is known to be helpful for those into travel and transportation. Though today it is all about smartphones and GPS, yet this evergreen tattoo idea is going to stay in the list. The biggest advantage of this symbol is that it comes with variety of options. So you can design and wear it the way you want it.

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4. An Artsy Compass:

As stated above, the compass is said to be a classic yet super diverse symbol of travel. Tattoo artists have gone their way out to create some of the best designs using this symbol. And even you can make it artistic with your ideas.

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5. A History-Inspired Globe:

For the more of a traditionalist person, a standard globe serves to be a great idea. If you want to make it more amazing, you can plan for adding a special touch with some elements like a ship. Getting inked with such a tattoo style will always remind you of all of the adventures in past, and the one’s you are yet to experience.

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6. A Minimalist Globe:

If not the traditional one, you can go for a tiny little globe. Being another way to go off the beat and create your own style statement, this one looks cool. Yes, you can wear the world on your skin by getting this design in black ink.

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7. Your Favorite Place:

Is there any particular country or city which is in your list since long time? Or there is a place which holds a special place in your heart? Now you can carry forever with you and flaunt it wherever you go. Ask your artist to simple outline your tattoo to represent that place, city, or nation.

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8. Nautical Tattoos:

There are many people who go crazy for beaches. If you are among those, a nautical tattoo is something to try. Don’t want to stress much, just get an anchor, a classic and symbolic of a lot more than just ocean travel. You also have other options like a wave or a palm.

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9. City Skyline:

What makes skyline tattoos unique is that these can be drawn in the simplest and detailed form, depending on your choice. Relax! No one is going to double check your work. So getting it to perfect is not a pressure at all.

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10. The Window Seat:

It is more specifically for the air travelers out there. Do you love that view out of the window seat? Of course, it is spectacular and worth remembering. So to remind yourself of the same, you can capture it forever with the help of tattooing.

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11. The Wanderlust Tattoo:

If nothing appeals you much, just go for WANDERLUST. It is meaningful and sufficient to express your love for travelling. This simply ensures that you will never forget why you got this inked as it will always remind you to get out there and wander.

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So now you have pretty good options, right?

Coming to the next and very important question- will it be painful to get wanderlust tattoos?

Will it Hurt?

This is the question has always been asked, over and over again. And the answer is – YES. As the tattoo artist is going to use an electrically powered tattoo machine to inject ink into your skin, it will be painful. Just imagine a solid needle moving up and down, puncturing your skin for somewhere between 50 to 3,000 times per minute. Hence, it is hurtful.

It is worth noticing here that the tattoo pain depends on several factors. The first and foremost factor to be considered is your own threshold to pain. If you are someone who feels even sting of an insect, tattooing can be a terrible experience. Then there are other factors like the body parts which has to be tattooed, the tattoo size, the skills of your artist, and so on.

Stating that tattoos are painful never means you need to keep yourself away from them. You can still go for this beautiful form of body modification with help of a numbing cream. Yes, you read that right. Tattooing without pain is possible. For this you will need a reliable and recommended product like Dr. Numb. It is a lidocaine based cream which works by blocking pain signals at the nerve endings. Application of this cream will desensitize your skin and you can get your desired tattoo inked.

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