“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~ Albert Einstein

Without a doubt, everything offered by Mother Nature is beautiful in its own way.  From the tropical forests to the deep oceans, there is so much in between. Especially, in today’s life where people hardly have time to take a pause and think about themselves, there’s nothing like the peacefulness of being out in nature. Chances are that you are a nature lover too, and this is what made you come here, searching for nature tattoo ideas, right?

For those who love the outdoors, nature has a lot to inspire your next tattoo. Basically, tattoos of nature come in a wide range of options. For those looking for a new tattoo, it can be quite challenging to choose the perfect fit. From those stunning landscapes filled with trees to the mountains and your favorite flowers and animals, there will be plenty of choices.

Why choose nature tattoos?

If you are thinking why people prefer nature tattoos, everyone has their own set of reasons.


While it can be as small and subtle as you want, you can also go for the larger and detailed ones too. In the earlier days, people use to get them done in just black ink. However, nowadays people get nature tattoos in colorful designs. After all, nature is filled with so many beautiful colors which are too inspiring. For instance, if you wish to get a flower tattoo, you can make it even more gorgeous by adding different colors to the same, rather than having it in black color merely. So when you wish to have some extra specificity for your body art, just add some color to it.


Without a doubt, nature tattoos look great is true sense. Get them places anywhere, they will offer you the required aesthetic appeal. However, people usually prefer tattoo locations such as collarbone, shoulder, wrist, forearm, bicep, ankle, and foot.


Humans have a deep connection with the nature. If you have ever tired of the daily hassles and busy schedule, just try to spend some time outside. Even a walk of 15 minutes spent outside can make you feel better. This is the major reason why people take short breaks from their work and visit places like hills, beaches, etc. As nature reduces stress, boosts your physical and mental health, it improve your overall performance. The same positive connection with the emotions makes sense that tattoos of nature are highly popular. Having a nature tattoo serves that extra pick-up-punch required to rejuvenate.

Hence, if you are looking for some new ink design and love to stay outdoors, go for nature tattoos.

Want some amazing nature-inspired tattoo ideas? Checkout the list here:

1. Twisted Roots:

What makes this tattoo unique is the intricate work it exhibits! While this tattoo shows the roots, it offers a cool and whimsical vibe.

Image Source: www.tattooeasily.com

2. Vibrant Watercolor Tattoo:

Make your life more colorful with this watercolor work on your skin. This tree tattoo is truly magical.


Image Source: pinterest.com

3. Wildflower Bouquet:

Everything about wildflower is stunning. It all depends on your artist how they execute the creation of this bouquet and place them perfectly on your skin.

Image Source: pinterest.com

4. Flowering Tree:

For the females who wish to be inspired by nature a flowering tree can fill their life with beauty and positivity. Get a beautiful black line work done to have this nature-inspired tattoo inked.

Image Source: tattoomagz.com

5. Ivy Nature Tattoo:

These are quite common. You can get a blend of ivy, butterfly, and a death’s-head hawkmoth to create a perfect tattoo. It will be beautiful and very close to nature.

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. Rainbow Nature Tattoo:

Fill in your life with all the colors and get this sweet cloud tattoo. Having the watercolor rainbow it has a silent emotion inside.

Image Source: pinterest.com

7. Minnesota Pine Trees:

One of the most gorgeous tattoos is inspired by pine trees in Northern Minnesota. If you don’t wish to have a colorful design, this can be a good choice as they look lovely in black and gray tones.

Image Source: pinterest.com

8. Ferns and Chamomile Tattoo:

In case green is your favorite color you can this vibrant tattoo which is fantastic. As it comes in green shades, it appears to be a vintage-style piece featuring ferns and chamomile.

Image Source: pinterest.com

9. Nested Bird Nature Tattoo:

The simplicity and sweetness of this tattoo of a bird nestled will make you go awe. It gives you cozy and lovely feeling, isn’t it?

Image Source: pinterest.com

10. Face Nature Tattoo:

Are you looking for that ‘a little different’ but a really amazing design idea? Then you can get nature tattoo combining a landscape with a woman’s face. Having beautiful creation of God together makes sense.

Image Source: nextluxury.com

11. Simple Tree:

When you don’t want something complex, just having simple lines and dots can help you get a major impactful and beautiful tree tattoo.

Image Source: piercemeup.com

12. Japanese Style:

If you wish to go with something classy and traditional, Japanese-style tattoo ends your search. Get something which features a tree, waves, and the moon. It will be a beautiful choice indeed.

Image Source: tattoo-journal.com

13. Dandelion Tattoo:

Being a super pretty choice, you will these fluffy seed balls floats across your back. Give it a try!

Image Source: tattooideascenter.com

14. Floral Crescent Tattoo:

Not everyone likes to go for something very ‘lovely’. If you are in the same category you can get this floral swag which is a little less romantic and more cosmic. It can be shaped like a crescent moon and places around the elbow for best outcomes.

Image Source: pinterest.com

15. Autumn Leaves Tattoo:

Every season has its own grace, and so is the case with autumn. If you too are fond of the colors of this season, you can get the leaves created by your tattoo artist. You can experiment a lot with the design and get it in the watercolor look. That delicate feel of the leaf stems, will help feel strong in every phase.

Image Source: nextluxury.com

16. Hawaiian Mountains Tattoo:

Why only go for a single element when you can have so many different pieces of nature altogether? You can incorporate mountains, water bodies, and much more in one tattoo.

Image Source: pinterest.com

17. Nighttime Blossom Tattoo:

Add more color to your life with pinks and purples. While it serves to be a classy contrast, you can add shades of green for more class. Try this blooming flower with the night sky and vibrant colors.

Image Source: pinterest.com

18. Small Sunflower Tattoo:

If you are new to world of tattooing and want to give a try to some minimalist tattoo, this can be a good choice. It is very cheerful and cute, on the other side it can be a small and delicate choice.

Image Source: pinterest.com

19. Camping Nature Tattoo:

Tired of heavy workload? Take a break, plan for a trip, explore woods and rest out in tents. If you cannot do this instantly, why not get a tattoo which helps you remind this way to rejuvenate. It will be a perfect idea. It will be a pretty design idea having those beautifully stretches from the night sky.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Pick any of these and you are good to go!