Tattooing is one of the most loved forms of body modification. Being a lifelong art marked on the body, you tattoo says a lot about you. Hence, it has to be perfectly created. It is here when you need to understand that it is not merely about getting inked. Or just choosing a classy and unique design will not serve your purpose. There is one more significant person who will help you achieving the design, the quality, you are expecting. Yes, when deciding to get tattooed, it is imperative to acquire about the artist in detail.

Why finding a right tattoo artist is so important?

Similar to any product available in the market, tattoos can also be beautiful, good, bad and ugly. It is the creativity and experience of your artist which defines your tattoos. These days tattoo artists have to undergo apprenticeship in order to learn the right method to ink. In fact, there are several certificated and licenses offered by reputed tattoo art schools, ensuring that the person is capable of performing this art in a sound manner.

So one thing is pretty clear- not every tattoo artist will serve you with a perfect artwork. There are some who will blow your mind with what they offer. On the other hand there are those who can lead you towards tattoo regret. Hence, if you are considering a tattoo and want it to be flawless, the first step is finding out a good tattoo artist.

Not sure where to start? Here are some points which have to be considered to help you find the right artist and tattoo parlor.

1. Ask For Word of Mouth:

There is no harm in asking the other’s advice, no matter they know you or not. Initially, you can speak to your friends and family members who have got inked earlier. While getting direct advice from people help you know about the artist better, they might help you learn a little more about this body modification. If you are lucky enough to find someone who had a good experience with a particular artist, you can contact them and get detailed information. But even if you don’t find someone great in particular, it’s still worth asking. May be you get to know their negative experiences, but at least you know which artists to avoid.

2. Look For Online Reviews:

Next, if you don’t find someone in the close connection, you can trust internet for this purpose. Start looking up for some artists online and you will get a good insight into the past experiences of the popular tattooists around you. When you find someone suitable, you can follow the artist on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The best thing you can do is search for some comments and reviews, left by the people who have been already been inked by the artist. You can even ask their opinion. Also be very careful while relying on online reviews. Everything you read there might not be 100% true. There are some recommendations on some sites which are not always accurate. Be careful and choose the right one.

3. Hygiene is must:

Yes, you need to check on the hygiene standards of the artist and the studio they work in. Without any doubt, it is an extremely important consideration as poor hygiene can lead to undesirable results. Reason being, getting tattooed in poor hygienic conditions can result in problems like infections, blood poisoning, and Hepatitis A. For this, it is really not worth compromising on hygiene at all. To ensure your health and safety, the studio should be clean. While the surfaces should be regularly wiped down after each client, the plastic on chairs or beds have to be different for each client too. It is more than essential for the artist to wear glove while he is working. Check for the artist’s bench, ink box, and seats nicely. If these are clean and organized, you can consider them for getting tattooed. Whatever stuff s being used, be it needles, inks, or pots, it has to be new for each client. So keep a close eye when they are working, the needles should be coming from a sterile package. In any case, you are offended with the hygiene practice of the artist or the studio, get up and leave. Do not sit there and let the things happen just because you have made an appointment. If a tattoo parlor fails to maintain optimal hygiene, it is not meant to you.

4. Check Work Portfolio:

Don’t forget to see the artist’s previous work. It will give a better idea for what to expect as the end result. These days it is quite easy. You can simply follow them on social media as most of the artists have their Facebook and Instagram accounts dedicated specifically to their recent work. While you are looking at images of their work, there are several things to look for. First and foremost, check for strong and solid lines. Are they smooth? Do they look as they have been made in a single stroke? Then check for the color and shading of their work. It has to be very smooth and consistent. Remember, a tattoo artist with better skills and experience will be able to demonstrate proper color gradients. You need to feel happy and excited to see their work. If you really feel inspired and charged by their work, chances are that you will be more comfortable and satisfied with their work. You can also make a personal visit to the parlor and ask them to show you some pictures of their previous work.

5. Inspect the studio:

You must consider the location of the studio. It is better if the artist you choose is available in the studio nearby or at least at a reasonable distance from your home. This becomes highly important if you are planning to get a larger tattoo. As for the big tattoos your artist might call you for multiple sessions to complete, look for someone near to your place.

6. Awards are additional:

Though it is not necessary, but if you get to check some there is no harm. Nowadays artists grab up multiple awards across the USA. If you get to know someone who has won an award, it reflects their skill and popularity, both. Here it is worth knowing that award-winning and popular artists are more occupied. They are likely to be booked up and very busy. So you have to try to book them in advance and be prepared to wait.

7. Extra is never bad:

As the statement itself says, ‘extras’ are always great to have. These days’ artists are working quite hard to make it comfortable for their customers. For instance, a number of tattooists prefer using numbing cream before starting with the process. This is done in order to make tattooing painless. In such as case, they apply a cream like Dr. Numb which comes with numbing agent, and blocks the pain signals. So you can ask your artist, if they are offering something extra!

Lastly, finding an artist who meets all of the above criteria will not be easy. But investing some extra time and efforts will definitely help you choose the best.