Have some plans for brow piercing?

While many piercings date back thousands of years, eyebrow piercings are certainly a new addition to the list. And with each passing year, it is turning into a fashion statement. If you too are looking forward to it, there is a lot to learn beforehand. After all, you cannot get your eyebrows pierced just for the reason that it has become a very popular thing to do. You must put little efforts and know really what you want before you get it done. Here are all the details you might need. Have a look:

What is Eyebrow Piercing? What Are The Different Types?

Being probably the most common facial piercing, it is a relatively new piercing style. And the best thing about it is that there are a number of cool variations available. Just checkout a brief look at some of the most popular types:

  • Vertical Eyebrow Piercings:

    It is the most standard option. As the name suggest, it is a vertical piercing which will go anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. Generally, the most common placement is done from the outside corner of the eye, nearly at a 35-degree angle. It can be done as a single piercing and two holes, i.e. one in and one out. But there are alternatives such as spiral eyebrow piercings, which includes 2 to 3 piercings for 4 to 6 holes. Basically, it is done when you want to wear a single piece of jewelry looping through your brow area.

  • Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings:

    These are somewhat similar to horizontal piercings. The major difference is in the placement, these will be pierced horizontally. Similar to the vertical one, the most popular location is towards the outside corner of the eye. Even though vertical and horizontal eyebrow piercings are standard options, you can still make them unique with creative jewelry options.

  • Bridge Piercing:

    Being the first of these piercings which ventures off the brow itself, these will trace the ridge of your eyebrow to the bridge of the nose. It is done in a horizontal manner and with the jewelry on either side of the nose, between the eyes. Before you choose this type, make sure to consider your facial characteristics carefully. This is essential to determine whether it is the right eyebrow piercing for you or not. The area must have enough flesh else the piercing may shift.

  • Multiple Eyebrow Piercings:

    The next in the list is about multiple piercings, which is surely a big thing these days. Referred to as a combination of vertical eyebrow piercings, or vertical and horizontal, it turns out to be in T shape. And these really help you stand out of the crowd.

  • Anti-Eyebrow Piercing:

    These are just opposite the eyebrow and done below the eye. It will be at the same distance as from the eye as in case of standard eyebrow piercings. Just for your idea, you can feel the placement of anti-eyebrow piercing by tracing your finger along the orbital bone below the eye.

So you have a good number of choices. You can discuss with your piercer and decide on the best as per your face shape. The next thing to hit your mind is what kind of jewelry you can use to beautify your new piercing, right?

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What Are The Different Types Of Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry?

You will get plentiful options for eyebrow piercing jewelry in the market. However, these can be divided into two categories:

Barbell Jewelry:

Though it is common among the weightlifters, barbells are now quite common in the world of fashion. As they are very simple, the piece consists of a bar going through the piecing. Now the barbell ends come in different styles and you can choose anything, ranging from a simple ball to diamond clusters. When it comes to widely available types of barbells, these are none other than the curved barbells. But you still have many options like spiral, surface bars, and circular barbells.

Eyebrow Rings:

The next category consists of rings for eyebrow piercings. These can be either with fixed ball or with captive bead rings. The latter consists of two parts, i.e. a ring and a bead or ball, but it doesn’t complete a full circle. It is the bead which fills in the gap between the ring ends. As far as the fixed bead rings are known, these appear similar to a captive bead ring but here the bead is in a fixed position.

Besides finding a perfect piercing jewelry, you need to understand the risks concerned with them.

Are There Any Risks Of Eyebrow Piercing?

Just like any other body modification type, even brow piercing comes with some risks. One of the major risks that you might have to deal with is the likelihood of an infection. While in some cases infections can be from the infected equipment, in other case it can be due to improper aftercare of the piercing. Then there are few other types of risks including allergic reactions, scarring, and so on.

Will It Be Painful?

The process makes perforation through your skin, and thus pain is an integral part. But saying that painless eyebrow piercing is not possible; will be wrong. You can turn it into a comfortable experience using a numbing product. Yes, application of a reputed, reliable anesthetic solution like Dr. Numb- Numbing Cream can help you. This cream comes with 5% lidocaine which is a successful numbing agent. When you apply it before the process, the action of this cream blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings. It will desensitize your skin for three to hours and you can get it done without any pain.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Usually, eyebrow piercings can take about 2-3 months to heal. However, it can be quite difficult to heal as any time you wash your face, the cleanser can disrupt the healing process. As eyebrows can easily migrate out, you have to be very careful during the healing period. For this, you should avoid touching your new piercing as much as possible. Don’t rotate or move it too much.

One simple way to boost the healing period is to keep it clean using a salt water solution. You can prepare it at home easily by mixing 4 teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt with 1 gallon of distilled water. Use this solution to keep your piercing clean and soak it several times a day. You can hold your eyebrow into the cup for 7-15 minutes. This will improve the healing speed drastically. In case, soaking seems to be difficult you can use a paper towel and apply the solution after regular intervals. Also make sure you follow the below stated tips to keep your piercing in good state.

  • Don’t remove the jewelry unless your piercer asks you to do so.
  • Putting a band aid on top can put pressure on the holes. Don’t try it.
  • Avoid sleeping on the new piercing as much as possible.
  • You must keep distance from waxing your eyebrows while your piercing is healing.
  • For few weeks avoid putting make-up on the new piercing site as it can irritate or even cause some infection.