Planning to get some fresh ink?So you are going to be among those four out of ten U.S. adults who have at least one tattoo. For most of the people, getting a tattoo is all about searching for a right artwork, artist, deciding on the size and the placement. Though shape, color, size and type of ink, are important factors to consider before getting a tattoo, but there is something which holds greater significance to keep your tattoo ‘awesome’ in the long run. It is nothing but the tattoo aftercare.

Why is aftercare important for your tattoo design?

A tattoo is a permanent work of art marked on your body. Also you need to understand that the tattoo gun which injects ink deep into your skin using a fast-moving needle creates a type of wound. The difference is that this wound is really beautiful. Similar to any other wound, even your tattoo calls for proper care. To ensure that this form of body art turns out to be beautiful, a good aftercare process has to be followed. Hence, this is really important to preserve a tattoo.

On the contrary, not taking care of your fresh tattoo might lead to complications. Every artwork will undergo the healing process. Usually, it can take somewhere 2 to 4 weeks. But in some cases it can extend to few months, depending on the size and skin’s sensitivity. While some people are blessed with less sensitive skin and their tattoos will heal with minimal upkeep, but there are others with super sensitive skin. For such people it becomes necessary to keep their new tattoo under a close eye to ensure a proper healing.

Now when you are looking for some aftercare solutions, the list seems to be never ending. But as stated that it is like a scar and you have to be very careful, you must be searching for a more natural way. You can count on the miraculous and easily available ingredient at your home- Coconut oil.

How to use coconut oil in tattoo aftercare routine?

Use of this amazing oil can make a huge difference in the tattoo healing process. Over the years it has been known to offer endless healthy benefits. From using it as a natural moisturizer for your hair to improve scalp health to adding it as a coffee creamer, it has been doing a lot to make life easy. But only few know that it proves to be great for freshly inked skin.

Take a look below to find out the 10 reasons to choose natural and organic coconut oil for tattoo healing:

  1. Boosts healing speed: As tattoo ink, coconut oil, and blood appears like a really weird mix, it will never interfere with your design. In fact, using coconut oil will speed up the aftercare process. Actually, it provides essential vitamins directly to your skin. Also the compounds in coconut oil are easily absorbed by your skin they work in a faster manner. It is Vitamin E which benefits and works to prevent scarring.
  2. Moisturizes your tattoo: As this oil is fat extracted from the flesh of coconuts, it consists of medium chain fatty acids which will help retaining the skin moisture. This simply means your new tattoo will not dry out when you apply coconut oil. While it moisturizes your skin, it prevents flaking of the same. Here it is important to understand that coconut butter and coconut oil are not same. While the butter contains the actual fruit of the coconut, it will not work as smooth as oil.
  3. Easy on sensitive skin: There are several aftercare products which come with high chemical ingredient, and can pose a huge risk. On the contrary, this natural oil not only keeps your safe from allergic reaction but also it is great for sensitive skin. So even if you have certain allergies or your skin is sensitive to particular cosmetics, pure coconut is a great, natural alternative to use.
  4. Soothes tattoo itching:The presence of fresh ink inside your skin can cause irritation and itching later. In such a case, if you scratch your new tattoo, it can be problematic. As using oil on the skin will keep it moisturized, it will keep itching at bay. However, if it tends to increase or it becomes difficult to resist that urge to scratch, you can switch to a numbing cream. A reputed product like Dr. Numb can prevent both tattoo pain, and itching caused after the process.
  5. Protects your tattoo: Do you know coconut oil comes with caprylic, capric, and lauric fatty acids? The best part about these ingredients is that these act as a natural disinfectant. It consists of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it perfect for topical application. So it will be protecting your tattoo from those microbial infections. Definitely, you don’t want to ruin your new artwork due to bacterial infection. Apply coconut oil to help prevent bacteria which might further lead to skin infection.
  6. Free radicals help skin rejuvenation: As stated above, this oil is a good source of Vitamin E. When applied to your fresh tattoo, it will make your skin smooth by preventing dryness and cracking. Along this, it also blocks free radicals from your body to help gain skin youthful in appearance. The proteins in this oil lead to rejuvenation of your skin after all the trauma of tattooing. It helps repairing if damaged cells at a normal, healthy rate.
  7. Natural and safe solution: If this is your first tattoo, it can be tempting to apply too much of aftercare cream. But this can be quite risky as it prevents your skin from breathing. However, with oil application you don’t need to worry much. As your skin will absorb a certain amount of coconut oil, it is safe. Just make sure that you buy ‘organic’ and ‘unrefined’ oil. Using the best quality and most natural oil offers the maximum benefits.
  8. Easy to find and cruelty free:Though this one has nothing to do to your tattoo or skin directly, yet it is important. For this oil you don’t need to travel to a tattoo shop over and over again. Coconut oil is readily available in the market and health food stores. Plus, it is a cruelty-free cosmetic item. Neither in contains animal products nor it is tested on animals.

Lastly, there are several alternative uses of this oil. You can stretch its application further than just tattoo aftercare. It can clearly replace expensive products like makeup remover, all-over body moisturizer, skin exfoliator, lip gloss, hair conditioner, and hair masks. You can also use it to ease skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. So you can trust this oil completely for tattoo aftercare.