With42% for adults in America being tattooed, the love for this form of body art seems to be never ending. Tattooing is probably the best thing you can do to your body. But when it comes to choosing a perfect style, things can be challenging.

Want a tattoo which is small and cute?

Then wrist tattoos are going to attract you. Majorly loved for being tiny, well positioned, and beautiful, these are becoming a prominent choice of both men and women.  Wrist tattoos are popular for some more reasons like their tattoo highly visible placement. So you can get them for various reasons.

Without wasting any time just checkout some of the most amazing wrist tattoo ideas here:

A Rose


Pic Credit:stunstupefy.com


This is something which is never going out of trend. Rose tattoos are forever and getting them inked over your wrist will make you proud. You can either get them in black and white, or you can choose a colored one, as per your choice.

A Butterfly


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What about getting some adorable creature like lady bugs or butterflies on your skin? It has been a great option for those who want nothing but beautiful tats. You can get them in black or colored, whatever you prefer.

Cute Quote


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Why not use your wrist as a canvas to paint your thought? This can never go wrong. So plan about marking your wrist with some short, inspirational quote and it will be your perfect daily reminder of something you cherish.

A Heart


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Another timeless tattoo idea would be having a heart inked on your wrist. This is quite simple yet classy. Get a solid black micro heart or if you want something complex, an anatomical version of this love symbol can go well.

Flying Doves


Pic Credit:inkme.tattoo


Known to be one of those tattoos with much symbolism, doves are a becoming a preferred choice. For modern, sophisticated look you can go with dove silhouettes. While these are quite dainty, they are adorable to wear.

A Dandelion


Pic Credit:askideas.com


Nothing can give your wrist a more attractive look when compared to those scattered seeds with flying doves. These have been relished time and time again. Dandelion tattoos are going to make you smile always. So you can go for these adorable designswhich don’t have a deeper meaning but still are lovely.

Dainty Flower


Pic Credit:yourtango.com


If roses aren’t your choice, don’t worry. You can go for some other, favorite flower in bloom. Remember, it has to be a perfect image which can brighten your day. Pick any of your choice and just go for it.



Pic Credit:tattoosforyou.org


When you want something simple and voguish, arrows will hit your right. Best known for their simplicity, these can connect to your several feelings. And they are worth considering.Try getting a minimalist arrow to flaunt your style.

Matching Ink


Pic Credit:i.pinimg.com


Are you in love with someone? Why not make it for both of you together? Yes, you and your loved one can get some matching ink, and feel proud to wear that special display of your deep bond.

World Map


Pic Credit:i.pinimg.com

When you want something different and gorgeous, let the world map sink in your skin. If you are in search of travel-oriented tattoos, skip on the ships, waves, and skylines. Get something massive with such a style.


While these were 10 super classy ideas to ink your wrist, it is important to ensure beforehand whether you are ready for it or not. Remember, tattoos are one of those painful pleasures which you are going to deal with forever. Being a permanent form of body modification, these are hard to undo. This clearly means if you have even the slightest doubt for getting wrist tattoos consult an expert for best advice.

What to know before getting a wrist tattoo?

It is important to keep few things in mind before you go for tattooing wrist.

Understand the art:Don’t take any decision without giving it a sincere thought. While the body art tends to be beautiful, it is important for you to realize the actual meaning of whatever you choose. It has to make sense and must explain your personality. It is often found that people who go out of context later regret for their decision. It can be really problematic to get rid of it later in life. So take your decision wisely. Make sure you understand about the ink and the meaning of your design.

Be prepared for pain:There is not much you need to plan for, besides the factor that it will be painful. But you can prepare your skin for the same with the help of any popular tattoo numbing solution like Dr. Numb. Ensure that it is FDA compliant and safe to use. As far as Dr. Numb is concerned, it contains lidocaine (5%) and is helpful in reducing pain caused during the process. Its application leads to prolonged desensitization of your skin. Unlike many other products, it will not interfere with your tattoo ink at all. It is recommended and trusted by experts and professional artists across the globe.

Choose a licensed tattoo artist: When done with your tattoo selection, it is right time to start searching for a licensed tattoo artist. It can be time taking, so be an early bird. You need to understand that the process can pose several dangers. As it involves needles, if not paid proper attention it might cause numerous infections.

Licensed and experienced tattoo artists will practice best procedures and maintain hygienic environment. So start sending some time to do little more research for such an artist if you don’t want your wrist tattoo to be regretted later.

Maintain hygiene level:Yes, you have to be extremely careful about it. Before you get your wrist tattooed, inspect the area where you are getting it done. The parlor has to be highly clean and sterile. Keep a close eye on the tattoo artist. Make sure he wash his hands properly and use a sanitizer. Next check for the use of sterile gloves; it is essential for your protection from infections. Also take a note that all the devices and tools are sterilized beforehand.

Good bye alcohol:Strictly avoid alcohol night before you are getting the wrist tattoo. Actually, consumption of alcohol makes your blood thinner and will increase the volume of blood coming out while you are getting inked. Hence, it is mandatory to keep of the drugs, like aspirin or pain killers, which can do something similar.

Follow a proper aftercare:Once you have got an awesome wrist tattoo, don’t think it’s over. In fact, the bigger challenge starts here. As there are number of things which have to be done after the procedure has been completed.

Keep a note of the following:

  1. Say no to tight clothing and choose something which will make you feel comfortable.
  2. Make sure the clothes don’t rub against the tattoo.
  3. Keep your artwork away from chemicals and dirt.
  4. Avoid exposing it directly to the sunlight.
  5. Apply a topical anesthetic if it itches too much. Avoid scratching.

Rest, you can consult your artist for more recommendations.