Love for tattoos can be understood by the fact that about three in ten Americans have at least one tattoo. And this craziness for tattoo art is not constrained to the youngsters merely.As per the recent reports, approximately30% of 40- to 49-year-olds adore at least one tattoo and the count for seniors between 50 and 64 is 11%.

With this form of body art becoming highly popular it is here to stay for long. If you are someone who desires to present class and style,altogether, tattooing is for you. Though it is a safe and effective process, yet there are some factors to keep in mind when you decide to go for one.

From choosing the right time and design to following aftercare instruction, there are many things you need to pay attention. Have a look:

Be careful with “that” time of the month: No one knows your body better than you. This simply means that you know which days your body is most sensitive. Yes, it is about the menstrual cycle. In those days when your skin just becomes too sensitive, it is better to wait a little more. Hence, before booking your appointment, start making notes a month prior and check for those days when your pain tolerance or sensitivity is especially low. These can differ from person to person. However, this time of the month has the widest swings when your cycle is approaching and during the periods. Don’t let yourself be in more pain unnecessarily.

Avoid it on the cheap rates: It is not that expensive tattoo designs are good. But you have to be particular for the quality being served. There are some suspiciously cheap tattoo parlors which might offer you price rate which seems to be attractive. If it is at the cost of quality, please say a big NO. Remember, you are altering your body for life. Consider it as an investment and don’t put your body on any risk.

Tattoo pain cannot be overlooked: They say, ‘pain is a pleasure’. It might sound playful unless it is about severe tattoo pain. Yes, tattoo- the most prominent form of body art causes a greater amount of pain. But, that doesn’t mean you need to keep a distance from this beautiful art. Definitely, you can go for it and that too without pain. It is possible with the best numbing solution- Dr. Numb. Being a lidocaine based cream it is a topical anesthetic solution which makes your skin numb for somewhere around three to four hours. Thus, it let you have a painless tattooing.

Pick the right design:Never rush while choosing a design. Else you would regret it sooner or later. Spend a good amount of time researching the design and you can use all kind of mediums. If you have some design in your mind, you can even ask a tattoo artist to help you with it. This way you would be getting that really personal design. Remember, whatever you choose should be meaningful. Majorly people prefer something like Bible verses, personal mantras, or symbols representing their lives. It is something which will be there for lifetime. Be wise and take your time.

Know about the infections/allergies:Do you have a skin allergy? Even if it is a minor one, consult and discuss with your doctor before getting a tattoo. You never know how your skin would react to those multiple needles and ink being injected. Actually, there can be different types of allergic reactions to tattoos. While some of them are minor and manageable, other can lead to severe infection. Be careful, and if you suspect any reaction during healing period, consult an expert.

Happy tattooing!