If you are getting a tattoo very soon, then you are going to join the list of 38 percent of US population. Definitely, it is one of the most famous forms of body art. However, it will be one of the biggest decisions in your life too. Simply, you need to be quite careful.

Being a lifelong commitment, this calls for your complete attention and learning about the process, outcomes, and much more in detail. From the design, shape, to color, there will be a number of things to remember. Let us make it easy for you.

Here are listed some simple tips to remember to get it done right:

Choose a reputable tattoo artist: The result of tattooing process depends greatly on your tattoo artist. Thus, it is essential to start your search for a good tattoo artist and salon bit early. There will be many factors to consider. For instance, you must check in advance whether the parlor is hygienic or not. Don’t forget to look for the artist’s license, certification, and portfolio. You can discuss regarding to costs and the tattooing process in detail.

Tip: Remember that good tattoos will not come at a cheaper price. In case, it seems to bit expensive, you can go for it as tattoos are for lifetime.

Go for traditional black colored tattoos:As far as longevity of tattoos is concerned, black and grey designs are known to last for the longest. Even if they tend to fade with the passage of time, you can get a retouch easily. However, when you have a colored tattoo and it fade (which is more often), it can be very hard to bring them back to life. Hence, experts suggest choose the boldest and perfect color, i.e. Black.

Avoid sticking to ‘what you see’ on internet: For those who want to get tattoo which speaks for itself, make sure you don’t go for something available on Google or Pinterest. Of course, you can take some ideas. But don’t be particular for them. You need to stretch your wings of imagination and play with the creativity to get something exclusive. So instead of visiting various sites to find a tattoo design, try to take out some time and sit with your artist to bring out a unique idea. Your design has to be linked with your feeling if you wish to retain it for long. Just like Krista, who designed a tattoo for herself, and is proud of having the same.

I wanted my birthplace to be always with me wherever I am, so I decided to get myself inked because I thought this will be the best platform to make my memory permanent forever. I decided a tattoo design with an outline of the state of California on the inside of my left ring finger.”


Keep away from alcohol before getting a tattoo: If you are someone who fears for pain but love drinking, you need to control it a little. Actually, consuming alcohol before your tattooing session can be problematic. There is a scientific fact to support this statement. As alcohol consumption leads to thinning of the blood, it makes your skin more sensitive.

Even if you don’t drink, pain is connected with tattoos. So it is advised to keep a topical anesthetic handy. You can trust a reputed product like Dr. Numb cream which comes with 5% lidocaine and works for all skin types. Its application will make your skin numb for three to four hours. Hence, no pain will be involved.

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