Gone are the days when industrial piercing was said to be for those angry with the world, or called, rebellious. Today it is a popular choice among men and women. Especially, for those who wish to have body modification which makes them stand apart from the crowd, this one serves to be a great idea. If you too are looking forward to some new style, here is a complete guide to industrial piercing.

Industrial Piercing- What Is It?

Located on the ear, it makes a difference at the first appearance as it includes two perforations rather than one single hole. Yes, your ear will be pierced from two spots.  And these two holes will be made on cartilage of the ear. Later, these will be linked together by one barbell. If you just checkout someone with traditional industrial piercing, it appears similar to the a little chin-up bar installed right across the top of your ear. It is not necessary for these types of piercings to go across the top of the ear. You can get other placements done, i.e. the one running vertical to your ear instead of horizontal. It is completely your choice.

How Will The Process Take Place?

It is important for you to understand that what will actually happen during the process. First and foremost, to get the things done right make sure you choose a good piercer. He must have the right set of skills and experience. You can easily find a good number of licensed and certified practitioners nearby. You can either search for them online or ask recommendations from people who are fond of piercing and other form of body modifications.

Once you have selected the right piercer, you can rely on him to set up everything you need to have on the day of piercing. There are some general set of tools including a hollow needle, jewelry of your choice, disinfectant, numbing solutions, and so on. Wondering why a numbing cream?

Actually, every kind of piercing involves some level of pain. As this one includes making two perforations, the pain level will be twice. Hence, using an anesthetic solution like Dr. Numb becomes essential. Basically, it is a numbing cream which consists of 5% lidocaine, a numbing agent, which blocks the pain signals at the nerve ending. This means your skin will be desensitized for few hours. So you can get industrial piercing done without fearing for pain.

Detailed Process Of Industrial Piercing:

Step 1:

Your piercer will start the process with wearing on his gloves which help protect your skin from any germs remaining on his hands. Also a layer of disinfectant will be applied. He will be marking the locations of the piercings and will opt to draw a line between the two piercings. This is done in order to give you a better understanding of how it will finally appear.

Step 2:

Now if you are not happy with the alignment between the two piercings, you can immediately ask to change the same. In case, you are happier with the same, he will proceed to next step.

Step 3:

This is important for those with lower pain threshold level. As stated above, numbing creams are widely opted for reducing the stress during piercings; your piercer will apply a thick layer of a cream and ask you to rest for some time. Not all creams work the same way. To be on safer side, ensure whether he is using a FDA compliant product or not.

Step 4:

Once your skin is ready, he’ll make the first hole followed by insertion of one end of the jewelry. After a while, he will be making the second hole and put the other side of the jewelry. It’s not over yet. You will be asked to wait to clear any blood that your ear shed out.

Step 5:

At the end, the process will be finished with another layer of disinfectant. This is important to make sure your piercing site is free of bacteria.
Before you leave the piercing parlor, check out your new piercing in the mirror nicely. And don’t forget to get your aftercare instructions.

How Long Will An Industrial Piercing Take To Heal?

Well, there is no fix time as it depends from skin to skin, the piercer’s skills, aftercare provided and your skin’s adaptability. Thought there is a wide range of healing times, yet if you are diligent enough about following aftercare instructions, it can be fully healed in few months. But for lazy and careless people, or those with sensitive skin, it can take twice or three the times.

How to Make Your Piercing Heal Faster?

Similar to any other piercing, even this one has its own set of rules to make your skin heal and adapt the new change easily. While your piercer will instruct you for the same, some common guidelines are here.
To reduce any kind of inflammation or swelling, you can soak your new piercing with a sea salt solution twice a day. This has to be done regularly for weeks after your piercing and it will help your ear heal well. It simply keeps the piercing site clean. There are chances for your skin to get infected due to presence of a number of bacteria getting into the site. It is here when you need the sea salt solution. And it is quite simple. You can make it at home.
All you need to do is mix a quarter teaspoon of sea salt with 8 ounces of water, preferably lukewarm. Don’t go for hot water as it can cause more agony to the skin. Also there are pre-made mixtures which are great to make the healing process faster, this one is efficient and cost-effective.

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Few Things You Need To Keep It Mind To Avoid Infections:

  • While you know the benefits of washing your hands before meals, it is worth repeating before you touch your newly pierced skin. It is one of the best ways to avoid infection as it cut down the chances of bacteria transferring from your own hands transfer to the site.
  • Next you must ditch the swimming pools for a few weeks. Whether it is clean or chlorinated, water can cause an infection and it is essential to consider your daily activities carefully. Even if you can’t wait to hit the pool or beach, postpone it till the time piercing heals properly.
  • Be very careful while choosing your piercing jewelry. Using the wrong type of metal can increase the chances of infection and lead to increased healing time. People who use a type of metal which triggers an allergic reaction end up dealing with longer healing period.
  • Also, to reduce the chances for risk, keep a close eye on what your piercer is doing before and during the procedure. Avoid using the piercing gun as you might end up with an infection if it penetrates through your skin. Reason being, these are impossible to be fully sterilized.

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Lastly, don’t overlook the infection at all. If you suspect something unfavorable, you must consult your piercer.