With 30% of college graduates and 60% of blue collar workers having tattoos, the popularity of this type of body modification is pretty clear. Tattoos have turned out to be one of the most beautiful ways to express your persona and individuality.

And the sheer abundance of ink designs makes it difficult to choose a classic tattoo. Nowadays sky is the only limit to the imagination of the artists and people getting tattooed. While there are people select their art pierce simply based on aesthetics, then there are others who prefer it to be more meaningful. Due to so many choices available, including designs which represents something about your beliefs, values, life, loves, or experiences, it can be really challenging.

Are you falling short for meaningful tattoo ideas?

Yes? It is not only with you but many others. When you start feeling lost for the ideas, the best thing you can do is to take some time and find a reputed artist. While he will be working with you to create a tattoo which suits you personality, they can also adding in more perfection to the final tattoo. Generally, you will be asked to reveal some personal details and your artist will be brainstorming tofind a few designs as per your experiences, interests, hobbies, and circumstances. They can also provide you the best suggesting related to the placement and size of your design. Here are some pints to be taken care of:

  • No matter how unique the artist’s suggestion sounds to you, ensure that it really fits you before committing.
  • Never make a decision in a hurry. You have to be careful with design selection as it is something which you need to bear forever.
  • Beware of the designs available on magazines. Though these can prove to bevisual inspiration, yet expecting something exactly same can be hurtful.
  • You can keep a collection of the ideas that have caught your eye. So when the time comes, discuss it with your artist and get the piece of art inked.
  • Don’t miss on the tattoo placement. It will play a significant role for deciding on the size and styling of your ink idea

As stated earlier, some people prefer voguish designs. However, there are more who prefer meaningful design. If you are among the latter, then you can consider Greek tattoo ideas for sure.

Why choose ancient Greek tattoos?

Being there in the world of fashion for several years, these designs are truly inspired by Greek mythology. While some of these are inspired by their literature, there are others taken from their paintings. And yes, you cannot miss on the Greek gods which have become popular tattoo designs today. Representing bravery,love, fear, and beauty, these designs are believed to tell the story of the human condition. Have a look at some of the most beautiful and meaningful designs below.

  1. Armband Tattoos: These are the classy pattern tattoos which are stylish interpretation of the ancient Greek history. It will help you getting a distinct and attractive persona. Basically, these come with a dark border around the tattoo and it has some message for the people. You can get them on the wrist as a wrist band tattoo or your hands. Comprising of Greek lettering, these tattoos are also carried to show their devotion on towards bible.
  2. Mythology Tattoos: Want something which is too ethnic? These can be used to portray the Greek Mythology and bring out the life. Being quite colorful, such tattoos come with amazing stories from the history. These are symbolic to power and strength. The most famous one is the tattoo which displays a horse which is captured in chain. It is up to your artist how he can use various colors to make the design more attractive. Some people get a monster inked along, which symbolizes evil.
  3. Writing Tattoos: Referred to the tattoo designs which comprises of biblical verse inscribed in Greek, these are among the prime choice. Being extremely meaningful, they holdgreat significance about your faith in Christianity. Hence, you find such lettering tattoos mostly among Christians, giving a clear declaration to the society about their belief.Both men and women can have them in different sizes, as per the placement. Though people from different parts of world get tattooed with Greek writings, yet it is a more common practice in America, England and Australia.  It is said to be represent love and honor towards Jesus.
  4. Dove Tattoo Design: If you like to keep it low-key but having a meaningful impact, this one is for you. As dove is symbol of peace and serenity, you might have seen those tattoos with a flying white dove holding a green leaf in its beak. But have you noticed that Greek word underneath? Actually, it comes with a great Biblical significance. It is also said to be a symbol of dry land which suffered a great loss for about one hundred and twenty days.It is said to be the best Greek symbol tattoos for girls. But this never limits boys from getting it done. As some people believe that the green leaf carried by the dove symbolizes that good is always being in devil. Just make sure that you get it on a wider area like your neck, shoulders or back.
  5. Christ Tattoos: Another option for the firm believers of Jesus Christ is the Christ (as a conqueror) tattoo. It is very unique, beautiful, and very appealing design. You might have seen the cross in circumference with the four Greek symbols.Being a Greek symbol tattoos with a deep meaning, it is related to Lord Jesus. As these are small you can carry them on your wrist or arm. It is pretty modern and enchanting idea which can be worn on the legs too.
  6. Angel Tattoos: You might have seen a number of angel tattoos. But do you that these element playa very important role in Greek mythology? As the word itself comes from a Greek word named “aggelos”, meaning messenger, you can get a Greek angel portrayed on your skin. Those gigantic wings along with the sword offer a very elegant posture. Also known as a Guardian angel tattoo, it is meant for both girls and boys. For a more masculine design, you can get it with as word indicating towards the victory of truth on evil.
  7. Golden Apple Tattoos: Having a significant importance in Greek mythology, it comes with three different stories. These are Garden of Hesperides, Race of Atalanta, and the Golden Apple of Trojan war fame. It is quite know that Greek tattoos give lot of importance to the inanimate objects. Being a beautiful Greek verse it is a unisex tattoo with a biblical importance.

So, you have a good number of options. Be very careful with the selection and also be prepared for the pain factor. Yes, these will be hurtful and for this you must carry a numbing solution along. Application of a topical anesthetic cream like Dr. Numb will make the process easy and pain-free. You can get it online right now and stay away from those fears keeping you away from tattooing!