Are you really influenced by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kesha?

Then chances are that you adore their pretty cool inner lip tattoos very much. Want to get something similar?

Certainly, tattoos are not new to the world. These have been a popular form of body art and as per the Statistic Brain there are nearly 45 million Americanswith at least one tattoo somewhere on their body. And to enter the list of trendy styles is inner lip tattoos.

What Is Inner Lip Tattoo?  

As the name states, these tattoos are the art work done on the inside of the lower lips. While it appears to be a new trend out, however it has been loved by people across the world for many years now. It is the cool and fun factor of the designs which entices youth to get them done.

Usually, these are seen on the inside of the bottom lip. But some people might prefer getting them on the inside of the upper lip. And as the space is limited here you will get just one short word or a few numbers or might be a small image inked. Big designs are not at all possible. Hence, it is recommended to select a small design for your inner lip tattoos and consult with your artist for the same.

Here you need to understand that your lip area is quite sensitive. It is highly advised to get it done by a professional. Whenever you search for an artist, make sure he has the required skills, knowledge, and experience. In fact, there are many certifications for the professionals these days. Don’t hesitate to ask them for the same.

Why to choose inner lip tattoo?

Amidst of many popular tattoo styleswonderingwhy to choose such a challenging idea! Well, there are many people who are on a lookout for unique ways to express themselves. If you are one of them, this one is for you. Having a tattoo on the inner lip is really different.

Secondly, it isn’t readily visible. And this contributes severely to the growing popularity. Hence, these are perfect for people who want a tattoo, but their work setting doesn’t allow them to have one. So now you can have a tattoo on the inner lip and keep it a secret shared with only those who you want to know.

Similar to any other tattoo procedure, even this one is quite risky. So if you have been thinking about getting one on or inside of your lip, here are some essential factors to consider before going under the needle.

It is not possible everywhere

Reason being not everyone will be willing to make a lip tattoo for you. People have reported that there are number of parlors who deny from working on lip section.  While some artists are resistant because of the risk of infection, some want to avoid the potential for angry customers wondering why their lip tattoo got faded.

Pre-care can make a difference

Did you chow down an egg sandwich before leaving for the parlor? Or you had a bunch of coffee before your appointment? Then it is important to rinse out your mouth as it will reduce the risk of infections for your lip tattoos. Better if you can use a gentle mouthwash to keep it clean and odor-free.

It might not be something ‘forever’

Though tattoos are said to be permanent, yet the case can be different with inner lip tattoos. To understand this recall the moment when got burnt or a cut inside of your lip. Do you remember how fast you went into the repair mode, and how soon you recovered? The same will be applied to your tattoo ink. Hence, if you expect to live with an ink design on your inner lip forever, then you need to think twice. It comes with a possibility of fading. And the rate at which inner lip ink fades can differ from person to person.

High risk touch-ups

Experts believe that if you indulge in frequent touch-ups, in order to preserve the shape and color of your tattoos, this might lead to an increase in the risk of infection. The simplest reason is that touch ups are similar to re-opening of an old wound, making your skin hurt and injured over the passage of time.


Healing will be slower

Not only it will take a longer time to heal but also the process requires extra care. As this area is highly sensitive, your tattoos might take more than usual time for healing properly. Usually, your tattoo artist will provide you with a detailed care sheet. Make sure you follow each and everything carefully.

Infections are common

While getting a lip tattoo be ready for the challenges as it simply means subjecting your softer skin to direct damage. One of the major reasons is the growth of bacteria. When exposed to the wrong environment, inflammation on your skin is common. It is a technically an open wound.

Hence, a proper aftercare is must to defend your skin from irritation,bacteria, and excessive inflammation.

Why is aftercare important for your lip tattoos?

You might be surprised to know that more than 30% of inner lip tattoos fade for the reason that people don’t take proper care of it. Yes, with appropriate care you will not only be able to keep your inner lip tattoo clean but also and bright for a long period.

Just checkout some of the essential tips to take care of your new inked lips:

  • First thing comes first; consult your tattoo artist beforehand for having a proper aftercare plan for your inner lip tattoos. Mostlythe tattoo artist will recommend you to keep the tattoo as dry as possible. This is essential for the first five days.
  • One of the main focusesto treat lip tattoos should be to keep the inside of your lip dry. But that doesn’t mean you need to refrain from drinking or eating. Just be careful, and do it without messing your tattoo.
  • Next big thing you can do to heal your tattoo is having some paper towels places in your cheeks. You can keep them under your tongue too. This will make your salivary glands absorb more moisture, keeping your tattoo dry.
  • Generally, after three days when you are done with most of the healing, you can stop putting towels in your mouth.
  • It is very important to prevent your tattoo from rubbing against your teeth. For this, you can simply place a piece of fine cloth or towel between your inner lip and teeth. It will help fasten up the healing process.
  • You need to understand that aftercare of your inner lip tattoo is different from ordinary tattoos. You cannot use any kind of skin lotions or antibacterial soaps on the same. All you can do is apply some vitamin A and D ointment on the inside.

Lastly, remember a lip tattoo tends to fade with time. However, with proper care you can definitely extend this fading time. Hence, you need to take some really good care of your inner lip tattoos.