Fond of tattooing but don’t want to go for something very common?

Then foot tattoo designs can end you search as these are new in the trend list like Neck Tattoos and Ankle Tattoos. As per the report cited by a Pew Research Center study nearly 38 percent of young people (ages 18 to 29) have at least one tattoo. And these people have plenty of strong reasons for getting one.

For some getting a tattoo is a simple way to look cool and classy, others prefer it to be a way to express their freedom, thoughts, and much more. What makes it more interesting is that this form of body modification has been practiced since ages. As far as the earliest known examples are known, these date back to 2000 B.C. In the beginning it was more kind of spiritual or religious rites. But today people undergo the process for their own set of reasons.

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You can easily spot people with some amazing tattoo artwork on their neck, arm, leg, chest and back. While most of them are common tattoo sites, these are great when you plan to have something huge printed. It can be difficult for you to find something unique and savvy.

Don’t fret over! The solution is with- foot tattoo designs. Yes, get inked over your foot and turn the heads around. Just before you decide on getting one, there are few things you must take into consideration.

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Where To Place Your Tattoo On Your Foot?

There is no one place which can be said to be perfect. However, when people think about foot tattoos, they generally think about ankle tattoos. But that’s not the case always. You can get it placed it on the top area of the foot. Then there is also an option to get it placed on both the inner and outer sides. Many people also prefer it getting it around the toes, making them appear similar to toe rings. Last but not the least, if you wish to keep very private, foot tattoo designs can be placed on the sole too.

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Will Foot Tattoos Pain?

No matter what place you choose, tattoos are painful. Though some spots are more painful as compared, yet discomfort seems to be an integral part of the process. You need to understand that foot tattoo designs are not suited for those with lower pain tolerance levels. Reason being, the entire foot area has all skin and bone with almost no muscle. Yes, even the sole of the foot can be very painful area for tattooing.

However, the good thing here is that you can get rid of pain and discomfort with help of a numbing cream. Application of Dr. Numb, which comes with 5% lidocaine, can block the pain signals at the nerve ending. Simple stating, it desensitizes your skin for several hours. Hence, you will not feel any pain during the process. So it can be concludes that tattoos can be painless, but with Dr. Numb. Buy it here.

What Design To Choose To Get Your Foot Tattooed?

When choosing a design for your feet, it is worth understanding that tattoos are permanent. These will be there for you in the long run. Making an instant choice can later put you into trouble. Therefore, consider every aspect carefully and go for some classy designs with significant meaning. Here is a list to get started;

  1. Strong Quotes And Words Tattoos:

    You can never go wrong with this category. Being a preferred tattoo choice, you can get some poignant words or quotes that define life, designed on your feet. Just be careful with the location as not all the spots will cover the entire quote gracefully.

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  2. Anklet Tattoos:

    When you wish to keep it girly, anklet tattoos are quite impressive. Being in vogue, this form of jewelry has been adorned all across the globe. And now you can have a permanent one on a foot. Adding a unique element, like a feather in this case, can make your appear more creative and fabulous.

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  3. Paw Print Tattoos:

    Have love for canines or any other animal? The pet lovers can opt for this aesthetically pleasing tattoo. You can get the paw prints of a dog inked, which will not only appear cute but also depicts your devotion towards pets.

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  4. Geometrical Tattoos:

    These days there is no use of getting on some regular objects. Innovation is the key and tattoo freaks are going gaga over geometrical designs. You can get them on any side of the foot and in a combination of small designs. It will be a different yet stylish way.

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  5. Numerical Tattoos:

    Is there a number which is very close to your heart? Or it holds some significance for any other reason? If yes, you can get the same tattooed and deck your feet. This numeral tattoo or a combination of them with some sign or alphabet appears to be an accentuated design with added effect.

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  6. Viking Symbol Tattoos:

    It is a very popular choice among people who yearn to flaunt their foot ink design. This Viking symbol is known as ‘inguz’ and indicates ‘when there is a will, there is a way’. If you have battled with tough times or just want to bring a positive change to your life, this can be great idea.

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  7. Blue Dragonfly Effect Tattoos:

    Butterflies and dragonflies have always be a preferred choice of women when it comes to tattooing. But nothing beats the love for the blue dragonfly which looks elegant. Its simplicity and the blue color turns out to be a throwing an element of charm.

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  8. Mermaid Tattoos:

    The list would be incomplete without sensational and drop-dead gorgeous, mermaids. These are loved by those who are super conscious about their beauty. You can add a dash of color to bring in more grace.

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  9. Superhero Tattoos:

    You can have logos and colors of your favorite characters such as Superman and Batman. These tattoos on your feet give you more power and courage. While the choices may vary, you can also get the few favorites, like several popular superheroes’ logos, in combination.

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  10. Birds In Flight Tattoos:

    Next in the queue, especially for women, is the iconic design of flying birds. While it portrays transition from one phase to another one, it looks super cute. You can ask your artist to make a collection and add some interesting element to your feet.

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  11. Astronomy Based Tattoos:

    If you believe in stars and astronomy, you can go for this type. It can be quite a fascinating and classy design to bring down to your feet. One of the simplest things you can do is having universe with the sun and the planets, which is quite stylish and brilliant.

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  12. Cobweb Batty Affair:

    These designs are fairly unique and not everyone seems to be inclined towards them. As bats are harbingers of rebirth, dreams, inner depth, and illusion, these hold value for many more reasons. Having a tattoo with several bats lined in a cobweb design presents intricacies within the mind of the person.

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  13. Mapping Tattoos:

    This gorgeous tattoo says ‘the world at my feet’. Simply tracing the outline of the world map can add more class to your personality. If not entire world, you can go for a specific region of the earth. Just make sure that it is scattered throughout the feet, leaving the fingers.

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Choose one and go voguish!

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