Tattoo regrets are turning more that common. With almost half of people between 18 and 35 having tattoos, it was found that one in four regrets their decision later.

“Eight years ago when I was in relationship I got inked with my girlfriend’s name on my wrist. It was the most beautiful feeling ever. But not every story has a happy ending. We broke up two years ago. Though I tried to move ahead a lot, yet whenever I see this tattoo it takes me back. I feel like removing it right away…”


Such impulsive decisions can ruin your life in the long run. People across the world are dealing with similar regrets for making a wrong tattoo choice. It is not only about the process which produces wrong results, but there are many things to be considered.

To keep safe, here are some design tips from experts to keep in mind. Follow these to ensure you end up with ink you love.

  1. Check for design portfolios: If you want a perfect design for yourself, you must ensure that you are choosing the best artist. For this look at their portfolios, check out their work online, on social media channels, and wherever possible. And it is advised to go to tattoo shops to have one to one conversation in person. It will be helpful in creating a final design and improve your overall experience.
  2. Research thoroughly: Just like Claire, there are many people who get tattoos on a whim. It might be a moment when you just swept up in the moment with friends or just a design attracted you intensely. But it is important to really think about what you want. It cannot be just about your personal idea but there are many other factors like what style of tattoo to get, what size to choose, and so on. For this you need to put little more efforts in searching for the things. You can use internet and look for different styles of tattoos which are ruling the world. Besides, your tastes will matter a lot. It cannot be only about trends always. As sooner or later they will go out of style, try to envision your future self and pick something which suits your personality down the line.
  3. Start with small tattoos: If you are getting it done for the first time, start with a small and delicate tattoo. While these are easy to design, these will be less painful. Yes, pain is involved in the process. Tattooing is carried out using multiple needle tool which pierces through your skin to insert ink. So this will hurt. But that can be sorted using a topical anesthetic cream. You can trust a good numbing solution like Dr. Numb which comes with 5% lidocaine. Its application will make your skin numb for three to four hours. Hence, no pain, only beautiful tattoos.
  4. Ask for references: You can always help your tattoo artist to get a good idea for your design. For instance, you can bring in some examples of good designs which are trying to visualize on your body. It will help the tattooist to give you the tattoo you want. Meanwhile, it is important to consider let them make a few changes. They can help you get the best solution with their creativity and expertise.
  5. Avoid location which tends to blur and fade: There are several locations which will pain more while tattooing as compared to others. Similarly, there are locations where tattoos are prone to get blur and fade easily. For example, tattoos on the fingers will blur and fade the fastest. Hence, if you are getting it done right there, think twice.