With the youngsters donning body tattoos at a greater number than ever, it is no surprise that you too are looking forward to this form of body modification. As per the Pew Research Center study report, 38 percent of young people (18 to 29 years) have at least one tattoo. It is a common trend among girls and boys. They are steadily willing to adorn their bodies with different tattoo styles.

With so many tattoo ideas are available for neck, wrist, ankle or even foot tattoos, and it can be challenging to pick the right one for you. If you are in search of an aesthetically appealing tattoo style which can add more class to your persona, you can consider sleeve tattoos. Here you need to understand that just like any other form, getting a sleeve tattoo requires some planning. It becomes important for you to give some time and learn about this style in detail. Of course, you don’t want to impulsively choose something and regret for it later.

To help you with this, here are covered almost every question you could ask about sleeve tattoos. Start reading:

What Are The Different Types Of Sleeve Tattoos?

Basically, there are four types of sleeve tattoos.

  • Full Sleeve:

    Your artist will be covering everything, right from the top shoulder to your wrist.

  • Half:

    As the name suggests, it will be extending from the top of the shoulder to the elbow.

  • Quarter

    This will be covering the area from the top of your shoulder from the midway to the elbow.

  • Hikae:

    You can consider getting this Japanese-style sleeve tattoo which covers the chest area and extends toward your elbow or wrist.

How Long Will It Take?

Well, the total time taken for the completion of tattoo art will depend on numerous factors. The list will include the size, complexity, skin’s sensitivity, your threshold, and much. However, the average time required can be around 10-15 hours. But if you have selected highly complex, large tattoo design, it can take up to 80 hours or more. So, yes the process involves multiple sessions which can weeks, months, or even longer apart. The duration of each session will depend entirely on the artist and you. Usually, it will last for three to six hours. But if you cannot sit for that long, you can ask your artist and he can make some flexible arrangements for you.

Is The Process For Sleeve Tattoo Painful?

This question cannot be missed out. Everyone has some fear for the pain. Especially, if you are someone with lower threshold, it can be traumatic. Without a doubt, sleeve tattoos are painful. And larger the size of your design, greater will be the discomfort. Though it depends on your pain tolerance level, but as you have to be under the needle for hours, it can be challenging. Thankfully, now you have an alternate to pain.

Yes, you can switch a reputed numbing product which works by blocking the pain signals. Application of Dr. Numb, a lidocaine based cream, can desensitize your skin for three to four hours. This means for each your session, you can apply it and get the job done effortlessly. Get it now!

How To Plan For Your Sleeve Tattoo?

You cannot just get anything inked over your sleeve. There is so much planning required, including the motif, the theme, the placement, and much more. As it is an elaborated work of art, it is essential to put some efforts on deciding the things beforehand. You can start with the process by collaborating with a good and experienced artist. So here is how to initiate;

Step 1) Look For A Good Artist:

If you have started searching for sleeve tattoo design, wait for a while, and look for an artist. Even if you have some pre-existing design in your mind, you need to understand that no two artists will draw the same object exactly the same way. As every artist works according to their style and flair, having a good and skilled professional by your side will matter a lot.

  • Search for someone who has the right skill set and experience.
  • Don’t forget to ask for certification and license.
  • Make sure the tattoo parlor is hygienic and your artist follows good hygiene practices.
  • Choose a local artist who can provide services as per your schedule.
  • You can ask for their previous work and consult their previous clients.

You just need to keep few simple things to choose a great tattoo artist if you do not want to regret about your tattoos in future.

Step 2) Check On Different Styles:

If you are fanaticized by some particular style, just don’t stick to it. There is a lot more to explore. From tribal and traditional designs to new school, watercolor, Japanese, and Celtic, there are so many good choices available. Here again you need to consult with your artist, as some of them are specialized with particular styles. So you might have to discuss things in advance.

Step 3) Choose an Overall Theme:

What is your idea behind getting this tattoo? Want to be gothic? Or might be you are inspired by something which appears similar to a scene from a fairytale? The idea in your mind will help you deciding on the theme of your tattoo. Once you have selected a theme, you can pick a few motifs. Dwell a little more and find out what you want your tattoo to represent. It can be love, dreams, death, or faith.

Step 4) Short List Some Symbols:

After the style, theme, and message, it is right time to look for some symbols which could add meaning to your overall design. It is not that difficult. For instance, if you love the ocean and wish to get a tribal style tattoo representing heartbreak, the list of symbols can include wilting roses, hearts, a shipwrecked boat, waves crashing into a heart-shaped rock, a broken anchor, and much more.

Step 5) Color And Placement:

Though black and white, and grey scale are all time favorites, you can look for some colorful designs too. For the placement, you can have a word with the artist. For those with low pain tolerance must avoid painful spots like the elbows, the armpits, and the wrist area.

With these steps you are good to go for a right sleeve tattoo art. Besides, there are some extra tips you must remember to avoid any problems.

Firstly, Know Few Things To Know Before Getting A Sleeve Tattoo:

  • There is no problem in experimenting. It is not necessary that you have to go with a design, get it drawn out and colored. If you are inspired by some paintwork, show it to your artist. Might be he can draw something really amazing out of it.
  • Never compromise quality for price. Remember, your tattoo is going to last forever. Hence, it is worth making a good investment. Else you have to spend more money on tattoo removal techniques to get it removed later.
  • Avoid mixing a bunch of meanings and symbols into one design. This way you can end up with a messy and cheap look.

Now, Things To Avoid After Getting A Sleeve Tattoo:

  • Say NO to thick layers of lotion. Just let your skin breathe in order to minimize tattoo infection.
  • As prolonged exposure to water can affect your tattoo quality, there is a strict no to longer baths or swimming sessions. If you want to go for it, you just need to keep in mind these simple tips.
  • Never pick at your scabs or peeling skin, else you end up with the risk of infection and ruining your tattoo. Be patient and let it fall off naturally.
  • Don’t expose your new tattoo to sunlight else it might lead to scarring, lightening, and uneven healing.