The rising popularity of tattoos is no more a hidden fact. In case, you are planning to be a part of the 38 percent who have got one tattoo, choosing the right type can be the next task.

Searching for something more voguish and unique? Then you might be interested in getting ankle tattoos. Being one of the most popular choices today, these are becoming a prominent desire among women across the world. As these can be easily hidden, so these are ideal for those circumstances when you want them not to be visible.

Hence, when you want an inking idea which offers flexibility of showing or hiding it, go for them. For some of the most meaningful and trendy ideas, here is the list to give a try:


Positive Vibes:

Again a simple idea would be having a tiny dream catcher on your ankle. It is said to captures those dreadful nightmares in its web. Hence, you will be able to cut down on things which disturb your sleep.

Forest or Trees:

This amazing idea reminds you to look at the bigger principles of life. It indicates paying attention to the important things instead of getting caught up in smaller ones.

Clean Triangle:

When you want nothing complex, go for a small triangle which encapsulates different meanings.

To Be Continued:

Having a semicolon is a symbol known for suicide prevention and perfectly expresses that it is not the end, but a pause.


Light the Night:

Who doesn’t want to shine bright in the dark night? So moon and you share something in common, get it now.

Flaunt It:

Women have a deep connection with the ribbons. These have been known to accompany them in all good and celebration times. This time you can have them on your skin and let them be a perfect topping.

More Blooms:

The list would be incomplete without having flowers mentioned. The problem is choosing the right category and color. You can experiment and consult with an expert to give your ankle a classy look.


It is the positive qualities of cunning fox which make this tattoo loved worldwide. Basically it represents that you have a sharp mind. And then some people love to adorn it for the reason that it leaves you with a quite classy impression.

Milestone Tat:

You definitely have some goals in life, and when you accomplish them, it calls for a remembrance. For such an achievement of your life, having such a tattoo eliminates the need of an album or something else to remember what you did.

Celestial Imagery:

If universe inspires your mind this tattoo is meant for you. There are a number of beautiful designs you can try with different celestial bodies. It depends on the creativity of the expert and your preference.


The list can be very long. However, the above stated ten ideas are good to start with. Besides, there is one more fact to remember that tattoos are painful. It is therefore recommended to prepare in advance for the same. And it is not that difficult. All you need is a topical anesthetic solution. Having a cream like Dr. Numb with you can make it easy. Just apply it 45 minutes before you get started with the session. It will make your skin numb for three to four hours. While you can get a painless tattoo, it is safe to use for all skin types. Buy it now for pain-free ankle tattoos.