From sport celebrities to reality TV show artists, everyone had undergone the pain of tattoo needle to enhance the look of their neck. Yes, it is about the neck tattoos which have been a prominent choice from last few graphs. Just checkout the Google graph trends, presenting almost constant interest of people in this form of body art.

Simple, people who just are fond of inking, flaunt their love with the help of neck tattoos. So, are you among those daredevilswho are thinking of getting a neck tattoo design?

If yes, then the all you need to do is look for some good and classy designs. Here is a list of neck tattoo designs you can choose from:

  1. Rose: No, please don’t say that it is a girly tattoo. When you wear it on the right place on your neck, rose will offer a strange romantically masculine theme. Just try it!
  2. Skulls: There could be nothing better than this one if you are interested in getting a fearful tattoo. Skulls on the neck can be done in colorful manner. Yes, it need not necessarily have to macabre. You can make it cool or even funny.
  3. Cross:This one looks faintly punkish. However, you can go with grey artistic Celtic crosses which when sported on the neck offer an attractive look. And the best thing is that these are small in size. So you don’t need to bear much pain.
  4. Fire: Everyone has that very personal ‘fire’in them. So you can get a gorgeous tattoo inked onto the side or back of the neck, with hues of red and orange shade. When blended nicely, these look beautiful and masculine.
  5. Tribal:Just having a small tribal theme on the side or back of the neck will be more than sufficient to add an oomph factor to your style statement.
  6. Barcode:If you are looking for a more unique design, you can adorn a barcode at the back of the neck. You can get it inked in a way that it will not be easily visible, unless you are wearing t-shirts.
  7. Twirling snakes:Now get that edgy and dangerous appeal for your neck with this style. It was earlier linked to the gangsters and rappers. But now even you can have them.
  8. Gothic: If you aren’t part of the cult, you can get an astounding gothic skull. Gothic designs appear to be quite gorgeous and even add to the person’s personality.
  9. Nautical star: This is a more popular design. You can have it on the side or back of the neck. Basically, it represents the North Star. And please, you don’t need to be a sailor to get one.
  10. Heart: Are you living with someone who hurts you? You can either having bleeding hearts or broken one to express your anger or affection.

Whatever design you choose there are one thing you need to pay attention towards – pain. Tattooing can be uncomfortable. But this can be managed using a numbing solution like Dr. Numb. Having 5% lidocaine it is perfect to make your skin numb for three to four hours. This means, no pain, only beautiful tattoos!